четверг, 17 декабря 2015 г.

I thought about what prompted

At the same time I thought that if I put in front of a bowl of nuts or chips, I could not resist and umyal them all to the last. Nevertheless, I, the representative of the reasonable .vida beings on this planet, I am wondering how the protein was smart enough not to eat all the nuts again.
Until a few days, I thought about what prompted the protein to give up and start eating nuts to store for future use. You and I understand the meaning of these actions, and where the protein is known about him? Why protein is no problem with being overweight? Why are wild animals there is no obesity? You might argue that the seals and hippos are not different slenderness. Compared with greyhound - yes, perhaps. But their dimensions are, what their lifestyle, environment and other living conditions. Remember, it looks like the fish school, herd of antelopes, or any other group of wildlife. The dimensions are different, but for some reason is always the same shape? Why weight problems on our planet there are only the most intelligent beings yes pet food which is controlled again, we, the people?
That was the first important fact: the realization that the 99, 99% of the inhabitants of the planet to absorb as many favorite foods, do it as often as they want, and do not get fat. Obviously, they know the kind of secrets that we do not know.
Are you surprised that the intelligence does not solve, and create problems for us - because we certainly know this secret before found higher knowledge? It is possible to give only one explanation - most likely, the people in the development of intelligence ahead of all other inhabitants of the planet, have become too complacent and arrogant. So much so that they considered themselves above the power that created us. Meanwhile, we can learn a lot of wild animals.
His observations I once shared with a close friend Ken Pimblettom. He said: "That's what you had read about natural hygiene." I admitted that it was the first time I heard the expression, and asked what to do with our conversation have regular bathing, brushing teeth, and linen. Ken explained, there is a long-standing theory that has nothing to do with the water treatments, but concerning the refusal of Western society from the natural eating habits. He then proceeded to the detailed description of the mechanism of our digestive and excretory systems. I listened and knew what he was getting at. I was tormented feeling that Ken is trying to recruit me for vegetarians. At the same time, I did not get tired surprise that people ten years older than I look ten years younger, slim and fit and do not have overweight.
One of the main advantages of "easy way to lose weight" is that it does not require technical or specialized knowledge. The method is based on simple common sense. Sure, doctors and nutritionists have insisted on presenting technical details. But I as a layman such details are confusing, I think about how convincing the arguments or not, because do not have special knowledge, I can not judge them. In other words, it's like listening to the latest advertising "miracle" slimming, which is painted in detail, why and how it can help you lose ten kilos in a week and it does not cause harm.


I find it hard to forgive our cat hunt defenseless birds or rodents, although I understand that it is controlled instincts. Annoyingly, even when prey become vociferous starlings, and only when the cat caught robins and blue tits, it is generally unbearable.
On that day the cat cornered wall neighbor's house gray squirrel. Knowing how agile and dexterous these animals, for the fate of proteins I'm not too worried. Real seemed inevitable, and I curiously waited for the moment when the cat finally get his due. Further I was amazed. Squirrel shied away from a fight, climb the vertical wall.
I know that the trees proteins demonstrate the wonders of acrobatics, but overcome Earth's gravity laws are clearly only because dig claws into the bark. The wall was lined with gravel and, apparently, the protrusions and recesses on it enough protein to keep from falling.
This was the case I had forgotten, until he saw the peanut protein feed sweetly that my wife Joyce especially effusive in our courtyard. I remember, I remember thinking: "The main thing is not obeshsya, and then the next time vlezesh on the wall!" But no sooner had this thought crossed my mind, like a squirrel nibbling nuts and stopped for the rest of the day to do what they dug in reserve.
I wondered why suddenly stopped protein meal. It is unlikely that she had the mental capacity to build a logical chain: too many nuts - overweight, overweight - the risk of falling prey to predators.